Highlights of NGV’s ‘Melbourne Now’ Exhibition

With food playing a central role in Melbourne’s cultural life, the NGV has gathered together some of the finest chefs, food innovators and iconic Melbourne produce to develop extraordinary programs and offerings over the four months of  Melbourne Now.

You can try something different each time you visit Melbourne Now, with everything from gourmet burgers and rolls, tacos, Vietnamese street food, bagel burgers, BBQ ribs, pulled pork, Aussie bush tucker, BBQ, sliders, Indian and Mexican street food.

Melbourne Now Highlights

 Melbourne’s finest food trucks will set-up house in NGV’s backyard for the opening weekends of Melbourne Now. Trucks include Mr Burger, Dude Food Man, Banhmiboys and Phat Brats,  with drinks by Mountain Goat, Lucy Duck and Treasury Wines

 Supporting the grow-your-own initiatives of Melbourne gardeners, Urban Commons foodscape is located in the NGV Garden offering classes and plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty

 Community Hall is the hub for the sharing of food secrets from Melbourne’s finest chocolatiers, chefs, micro-brewers and chook breeders. Come along for sensory blind tastings and bake-offs – its all free!

 The Tea Room at the NGV features an edible painter’s studio with a ‘build your own high tea’ complete with edible canvas and paint tubes filled with gels and creams

 Artworks in Melbourne Now have inspired extraordinary dishes by Persimmon’s Executive Chef Gabriel Martin

 Gallery Kitchen features some of the iconic foods of Melbourne such as the South Melbourne Market Dim Sims, delicious pulled pork buns and tacos

 A sickly sweet icing-filled foyer at NGV Australia by the Hotham Street Ladies

 Japanese food and bento boxes at Crossbar Café complement the magna inspired Christopher Langton sculptures

In the weeks leading up to Melbourne Now, Persimmon restaurant served up the prefect entrée, Melbourne’s Most Liveable Lunch. Curated by Shane Delia, this culinary experience featured seven of Melbourne’s gastronomic creatives who conceived two tantalising 5 course degustation menus, designed to evoke the memories and feelings of Melbourne.


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