Degraves Street New Mexican Fusion Restaurant & Bar

Degraves Street New Mexican Fusion Restaurant & Bar

Rosa Mexicano offers classic and experimental Mexican dishes in an authentic and engaging environment. Unlike their other locations and competitors within Melbourne, Rosa Mexicano’s convenient Degraves St location also offers an exclusive breakfast menu that puts a Mexican spin on the classics.

Rosa Mexicano has undoubtedly created a contemporary CBD venue that is colorful and full of life, perfectly complementing the vibrancy of Melbourne’s atmosphere outside its four walls. The venue’s compact but clever interior invites energy that fits, with Latino music and bold fluorescent signage that captures the joy and celebration of communal dining. Paying homage to its name, ‘Rosa Mexicano’ meaning ‘Mexican Pink’, the chain showcases the femininity of Mexican culture with electric magenta décor that is symbolic of Mexico’s national color and pays homage to the trailblazing artist Frida Kahlo, whose portraits featured across their walls.

Degraves Street New Mexican Fusion Restaurant & Bar

Rosa’s Western spin on traditional Mexican dishes includes the Jamon Y Queso Quesadilla, which is their take on a classic ham and cheese, as well as the Siracha Maple Chicken Burger that presents a hybrid of Northern and Southern American cuisine, featuring buttermilk fried chicken in their unique Siracha Maple Sauce. Utilising head chef Elias Dib’s previous experience in Asian and Italian cuisine, Rosa Mexicano’s menu includes paellas and burritos that are influenced by other cultures’ favourite ingredients, which is a rare element of their offering that allows them to cater to more palates.

Their highly rated Seafood Curry Paella, incorporating the freshest Peninsula mussels and king prawns in combination with Spanish herbs and spices along with their Chicken, Pineapple and Coconut Curry Burrito additionally showcases the pairing of sweetness and spice commonly found in Indian dishes. Innovation continues into their dessert menu, featuring the Cinnamon Nachos which are drizzled in house-made chocolate, sweetened condensed milk and moreish ice cream.

Degraves Street New Mexican Fusion Restaurant & Bar

Accompanying their extensive food menu is an abundance of tantalising tequilas, margaritas, cocktails, mocktails and sangrias. Each signature drink is ripe with colour, utilising flavours such as Rum, Rosewater, Pineapple and Coconut Cream to create their Rosa Caloda. The Cotton Candy Martini combines Vodka, cranberry and lime juice decorated with vibrant cotton candy and the Duce is filled with traditional Spanish liquors including Reposado, Licor 43, agave, lime, cucumber and jalapenos for spicier sipping. Likewise, they offer over nine flavours of margaritas, frozen or on the rocks and rimmed with Himalayan Black Salt, another unique feature of the Rosa Mexicano offering that fascinates each new visitor.

You can visit Rosa Mexicano at 37 Degraves Street Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. 


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