Taronga Centre’s Corporate Christmas Party Tips

The difference between a mediocre and memorable event is in the detail; and with the overwhelming number of Christmas parties hosted every year it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Christmas is around the corner and planning your corporate end-of-year celebrations should start now.

General Manager at the Taronga Centre, Alex Emson, has tips to make sure this year’s Christmas party is better than ever before.

Invite Only

A creative, well designed and easy to read invitation not only provides guests with important details about the event, but also a taste of what is to come. Make sure that images, type and colour scheme reflect the atmosphere you wish to create.

More and more people are also choosing creative invite options over generic emails, a fridge magnet that guests can use at home or at work is a great way to ensure no one loses their invite or forgets the date.

Location, location

Event planning can be stressful at the best of times, which makes it easy to forget important details. Organising appropriate transport arrangements both to and from the event is commonly overlooked and leaves guests with the challenge of fighting off colleagues for a taxi home.

“We always recommend our guests take advantage of our waterfront location. Why not treat your guests with a ferry ride at sunset or even private yacht back to a central city location. Remember that an event starts as soon as you leave the office, and arranging your guests to arrive by water always impresses,” says Alex.

Tech the Halls

Think about using technology as a way to decorate your space and get your guests involved at the same time. Polaroid cameras on every table or a photo booth with props make lasting memories. An interactive social media screen or an Instagram hashtag can get everyone talking.

“We always encourage our clients to work closely with us on theming their Christmas event. Given we have both the Zoo and Sydney’s spectacular Harbour as a backdrop, a safari themed party complete with stripes, spots and feathers is always fun, while a Sydney summer party with the Harbour view, seafood and summer cocktails always feels luxurious.

“It takes an event to the next level when people want to do something outside of the box and make use of all the facilities we have on offer,” continued Alex.

Jingle Bell Rock

There’s no use having a great party without great entertainment. When booking musicians think about the atmosphere you wish to create. While a string quartet may be perfect for a black tie ball, a great cover band is more appropriate for an office Christmas party. Everybody loves to get up on their feet after a year behind a desk.

True Blue Christmas

If you are looking after international visitors, be sure to give them a taste of Australian culture.

“We provide our guests a unique experience through animal encounters and private zoo showings, and of course they can dine in front of our famous Harbour view that Sydney is known for,” says Alex.

A menu that features fresh seafood, ham off the bone, seasonal produce or sweet side of Pavlova is another great way to welcome guests down under.

Celebrate All Week Long

To help manage your budget and ensure staff are available, consider holding your event mid-week.

“Holding your Christmas party on a Wednesday or Thursday night can be more economical, ensure the space you want is available, and it also means you are not clashing with your staffs’ already busy summer weekend schedule. Both your boss and your colleagues will thank you for it,” concluded Alex.

To make a booking or to learn more about Alex and the Taronga Centre, please visit www.tarongacentre.com.au or call 02 9969 2400.

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