Event Professionals Advised “Keep Technology Simple”

Entegy, a leading event technology company, discussed with event professionals the importance of keeping technology simple and more importantly in Australia today at the Asia-Pacific Incentives and Meetings Expo (AIME).

“Historically, people have always been passionate about buying local produce and we’re now seeing this thinking being applied in the technology sector,” says Graeme Caplen, Director at the Brisbane based company, Entegy.

“Entegy has made the digital and app landscape for events easy to use, manage and understand. However, many organisers could still benefit from and see the return on investment by buying local,” added Graeme.

Entegy is a simple three step process, which lets event organisers build their own technology solution, depending on their event’s needs and what they need to deliver.

Graeme also explains that event professionals need to be aware of the importance of keeping their data in Australia.

“Today, we’re all pretty aware of the importance of data protection, but how good are we at actually ensuring its safety? This is something we’ve considered since day one and we’ve always made sure that our clients’ data stays within the country, on a secure and robust Australian network and complies with the Australian Privacy Act.”

He also adds that using Entegy and having professional support on hand during Australian business hours cannot be underestimated.

Graeme adds: “Event professionals are under enough pressure when running an event; the danger with overseas suppliers is that if something should go wrong or you want to ask questions, there is no one available in your time zone, at that time to provide support.”

Entegy’s online platform is used by some of the leading names in the industry such as Westpac, PWC and Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Entegy solution starts with the simple and online platform called Core and gives users the control of their event solution. From there they can then choose their Elements, which are additional software packages, which are managed by the Core and meet the needs of event professionals. Thirdly, and finally, users can choose from Ignite options, which are six specialised services areas to bring their personalised event technology solution to fruition, such as their own standalone event app.

Graeme concludes: “We’ve spent thousands of hours creating this streamlined technology solution, which is specifically tailored for the events industry. It is time saving, flexible and meets all event structures and styles.”

Started in 2000, Entegy was founded by four professionals, who combined their experience in advertising and communications, events, and design to create a simple technology solution for the events industry.

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